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After building dozens of online businesses from the ground up and making enough online income to live life on my own terms, I have learned that it’s less about puzzling through information and more about taking ACTION.

So Rather than passive absorption of large amounts of information you may have seen in other places, I built the below courses in a way that divides the information into manageable chunks.

Go check them out below and start your journey to freedom right now.

Free JumpStart Classes

  • 1. How to Start a Website in less than 24 Hours

    Starting a website is easier than many realise. These days you can use free software platforms and start a full–blown site with little technical knowledge,.

    Follow the below step-by-step process to start your website in less than 24 hours:

    Step 1 - Choosing the Right Website Platform
    Step 2 - How to Set Up your Website in less than 10 Minutes
    Step 3 - How to Enhance your Site Using Plugins
    Step 4 - How to Redesign your Site in just a few Clicks

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  • 2. How to Build your Subscriber Email List Today

    An email list can help you establish a long-term relationship with your visitors, validate your future products, keep in contact with your prospects, promote your business, drive traffic, and most importantly, it can raise your bottom line.

    Unlike advertising where your message is largely ignored, or social media where it is partly seen, email marketing can effectively (cost-wise and results-wise) get your message out to those who are most interested in seeing it.

    Follow the below step-by-step process to build your interested subscriber email list:

    Step 1 - Choosing the Right Email Service Provider
    Step 2 - How to Set Up Your Email List Correctly
    Step 3 - How to Use your Email List Effectively
    Step 4 - How to Create an Attractive Opt-in Offer

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  • 3. How to Pick a Niche for your First Online Business

    The first step to a successful internet business remains the most critical and is often the hardest to take: picking the right niche.

    For your first online business I recommend following a simple four step plan to find an ideal niche market. Once you've gained some valuable experience and essential skills under your belt, you can then use more technical methods to pinpoint your niche.

    The four steps I recommend are:

    Step One - Dig out your passion.
    Step Two - Unfold your expertise.
    Step Three - Find a hungry crowd.
    Step Four - Pick your niche.

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Premium 30-Day Courses

30 Days to Kickstart Your Freedom Business

  • Week 1: Picking a business idea that stands out from the crowd
  • Week 2: Uncovering your core message and defining your brand
  • Week 3: Developing a powerful online platform from scratch
  • Week 4: Writing to your audience and enhancing your site

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30 Days to Ranking Higher on Google

  • Week 1: Laying the groundwork for smart on-site optimization
  • Week 2: Beginning the off-site optimization process
  • Week 3: Implementing advanced on-site optimization techniques
  • Week 4: Focusing on advanced link building for higher rankings

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One-on-One Coaching Program

Get your FREEDOM Dream Off the Ground

  • Monthly personal one-on-one coaching session by Skype (Two sessions a month)
  • Key action items and strategies tailored to your own personal journey
  • Weekly email support, goal-setting, feedback, and accountability check-in via Email
  • Ongoing monitoring through spreadsheet tracking and/or my Goal Attainment software

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