How to Use Your Email List

Building up your e-mail list is an important step in perfecting your online business strategy. When people subscribe to you, it means that you have effectively given them something of value, otherwise, what’s the point in subscribing at all? But building up your e-mail list is only the first half of the pie, so to […]

Setting Up Your Email List

In this step, I’ll review the most important elements in setting up an email list. (If you missed the first step, you can check it out here: How to choose an email service provider). For the most part, we’ll use Aweber’s terminology since it is easy to set up, provides a clean interface, and the […]

Choosing the Right Email Service Provider

The first and one of the most essential steps in building a successful email marketing campaign is to invest in a reliable email service provider (ESP). Now, it may be tempting to use your own email program such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook to send your mass-emails to your subscribers. After all, it’s free. But […]

Building a Career in Entrepreneurship

At a very young age we are encouraged to pick a career. Most college students who graduate without a clear career path and a job lined up usually get nervous. Zach Luczynski refuses to do that. In fact he has dedicated himself to not picking a traditional career. Instead He decided to become an entrepreneur. […]

Zen Pencils: From Scratch to Online Success in 9 Months

Tired of his boring 9 to 5 job in the corporate world, Gavin Aung Than broke free and pursued his dream to find a more fulfilling way to make a living. He quit his job, sold his house, and committed himself and his savings to a new direction. Being an avid reader of Wikipedia biographies […]

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