Passive Income with AdSense & Niche Marketing – Anshul Dayal

If you are ready to take the plunge into the multi-million dollar industry of Internet marketing, Anshul Dayal, the CEO of NicheSense, is the man to contact. Anshul is an online entrepreneur who has successfully built a business from the ground up. Anshul not only shares his strategies and ideas on his blog, he also […]

Blogging to Excellence – Interview with Scott Mackes

After receiving an average performance rating at his job, Scott Mackes, founder of Margin of Excellence, decided to take control of his life by learning how to take on a leadership role and tackle the challenges that stood in his way of excellence. Over the course of a year, while trying to improve his skills and become more productive, Scott also managed to build a successful online business.

Inside the Mind of a Successful Internet Marketer

Talor Zamir is one of those rare individuals who has the ability to inspire others to reach their true potential while he himself remains humble about his own successes.

One of these successes was in the area of Internet marketing. Talor took one of his businesses from zero to over $2.2 million in sales, as well as growing an email list of over 50,000 people in just 9 months.

I’ve been fortunate to meet Talor in person and forge a friendship that continues to this day. He kindly agreed to share his valuable time and insights with us.

Becoming Financially Free

While sitting in a northern Brazilian beach a year ago, it hit me for the first time that I’m truly financially free. This new freedom meant that I didn’t need to look for a job upon my return to Australia. In fact, I didn’t even have to go back to Australia. I could choose to go wherever and do whatever I want on any given day.

A year later, and both my partner and I are still enjoying this ultimate gift of complete choice. I am not rich as most people think when they meet me for the first time, but I don’t need a job to keep up with my current lifestyle. The steady passive income stream I developed before and while traveling is enough to cover both of our expenses, and more.

But first, my story.

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