Pursue Wealth Instead of Money

Money. We all use it. We all care about it. We all think about it.

The lack of money in our life can spark a range of emotions, from fear to frustration, to worry. We worry whether we have enough of it, or whether we spend too much of it. When the job market is poor, for example, or when the stock market crashes, we often get mad and blame the economy, or the government, or both.

What we hardly ever do about money, however, is ask ourselves where it comes from and who controls it.

Best Ways to Earn Active and Passive Income Online

The key to Becoming Financially Free is a simple equation: monthly passive income greater than monthly expenses equals Financial Freedom. The path to freedom, however, is not a straight line and often requires navigation between different monetization strategies. In this context, a key question becomes: What is the best way to earn active and passive […]

First Online Business? Pick the Right Niche

The first step to a successful internet business remains the most critical and is often the hardest to take: picking the right niche.

When you begin thinking about how to set up a new online business you may find yourself in one of the following two scenarios:

1. It is a total vacuum in your head: you have no idea of what you want. You do not know where to start. Your thoughts are locked and frozen and you are uninspired.

2. Your head is overloaded with ideas and you cannot sort them out in order to come to a clear vision of what you want. Your thoughts are overflowing and you are drowning in an ocean of floating concepts.


  Are two minds better than one? The answer seems obvious but I’ve been asking myself this question throughout my life and could never find a definite answer. During my school years, both in high school and college, I’ve been invited to be part of study groups before big exams. At times I found them […]

The Art of Standing Out: How to Expertly Brand your Online Business

The online world is getting crowded with websites in almost every niche imaginable. That makes branding and standing out one of the most important elements in building a successful online business.

Through this article, I will outline, in a simple manner, how you can effectively stand out from the crowd so your business can grab online users’ attention almost immediately and not become just a drop in the vast sea of the internet.

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