22 Simple Rules for Writing Compelling Content

Content is often regarded as the lifeblood of an online business. Many entrepreneurs, however, still choose to focus the majority of their efforts on short-term marketing tactics.

This begs the question: what’s the efficacy in bringing more users to a website whose content is mediocre?

In this post I will cover 22 effective writing strategies to help you make your content truly useful and compelling.

Becoming a Surfer

It took me more than 2 years and 5 different countries to finally being able to call myself a surfer. Somehow being able to catch and ride waves consistently was not as easy task. I sweated and struggled and fought but made very little progress with each try. Nevertheless, I’ve never given up that dream. […]

Muay Thai experience

I was tired and breathless. My Muay Thai kickboxing trainer was punching and kicking me repeatedly. I tried to push him away but he kept coming closer. To say I was praying for the bell to ring would be an understatement. When it did ring, I collapsed into the corner, thoroughly exhausted and wondering how […]

Road Tripping Australia

My beautiful partner and I have recently completed a 12,000 km journey around Australia. Our adventure started from Melbourne up the East Coast to the golden beaches of North Queensland. From there, we crossed the continent back to Melbourne driving straight through the middle of the outback. It was a wonderful 3 months road trip […]

My RTW Trip

Traveling is every free spirit’s wet dream, and one I’ve been pursuing for a long time, way before I hit the road for my RTW trip in early 2009. 18 months and 4 continents later, I’m back in peaceful Melbourne for the Australian summer, reflecting on what quickly became one of my biggest adventures.   […]

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