Curbing impulse spending

Getting a handle on impulse buying is one of the best adjustments you can make to save significant money in the long run. These days, almost every retail chain and many small stores use emotional marketing tactics to lead us directly to impulse purchasing behavior. They lay out the retail space and checkout lanes to […]

Tracking your expenses

Tracking your expenses is one of the biggest contributing factors to financial freedom. You see, many of us simply don’t realize how much money we actually spend until we record everything. It’s most likely you’ll be surprised just how much small purchases can add up. Listing and tracking your expenses will enable you to clearly […]

Maximizing your Savings

Creating freedom is not just about generating more income – this is only one part of the game. In addition to building online income streams, you also want to reduce your expenses so you can invest the difference back in your online business. Here are a few simple ways to maximize your savings: 1. The […]

Your Financial Freedom Plan

One of the reasons most people never achieve their goals is because they don’t take the time to make a winning game plan for achieving their dreams. In fact, people spend more time planning their birthday party than designing their future. In order to achieve financial freedom, you need more than wishful thinking and sincere […]

2013, 2014

As 2013 draws to a close, it’s time to take stock of the year gone by and look ahead to the fresh year ahead. I love this time of year. New Year’s Eve has long been my favorite time to release the old year and open myself to the fullest potential of the next. New […]

This book just might change your life

Hey, guess what? I wrote a book. It's a one-year roadmap for living life on your own terms and it just might change your life.

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