Stepping into the App Design Business

Have you ever dreamed of creating an app that you haven’t seen anywhere before? Wouldn’t it be awesome to create app that users would pay to have? Nathan Barry is a very successful app developer and a talented interface designer who, besides creating great apps, also provides instructions and tips on his website He […]

How to Enhance Your WebSite using Plugins

A WordPress platform already has a rich set of native functionalists, but you can enhance its capabilities even further by using supplementary programs called plugins. Plugins are widely available and mostly free. The best part – you don’t have to know one word of programming code. They are easy to install directly from the WordPress […]

How to Set Up a Website in 10 Minutes

For many people the thought of using a new software can be a little bit intimidating, but WordPress is so easy to use that even the most tech-averse person will be up and working on it in no time. Most of the web-hosting providers have scripts that will allow you to install the software with […]

Choosing the Right Website Platform

Over a decade ago, when I first started my online journey, I built websites from scratch by writing code in a plain text editor. Thankfully the online world has progressed a long way since then and now there are a wide variety of incredible free software solutions out there. At the heart of it all […]

This book just might change your life

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