40 Online Business Lessons Learned From Farnoosh Brock

Farnoosh Brock is one of my favorite bloggers, and a very successful Online entrepreneur. I consider her not only as a writing mentor, but also as a teacher and a friend.

Farnoosh is the creator of Prolific Living which is dedicated to helping people realize their dream life style by awakening their inner confidence and empowering them to reach their freedom and full potential. She is also an author of several eBooks about travel, green juicing, motivation and writing.

I recently took the time and made a list of the most valuable online business lessons I learned from her. I highly recommend you check her brilliant blog for more...

  1. "Believe in yourself. More than anything, every day wake up and remember that you are meant to do this, that you are here for a reason and this – being an entrepreneur and creating work that is worth doing and will lead to a legacy, that matters. You matter...
  2. "Create a bucket list if only to get a sense of immediacy and urgency about life...Remind yourself that life is finite and your days are numbered and now is the time to do what you want."
  3. "Start an email list on Day one...This goes for you in just about every model of business"
  4. "...the subject matter you choose will carry less significance than your uniqueness, your brand identity, your true why for doing something and your style of expressing yourself through your writing voice and communication style.
  5. "..bet on yourself, big, huge, gigantic bet on your genius and abilities to change the world for the better because nothing is going to stop you, no force is going to hold you down or get in your way and make you lose your inner motivation again.
  6. "...remember that all your missteps now are just setting you up for success"
  7. "..stop the comparison game and remember that not only no one is like you but that you can do things even better than the best of them.."
  8. "Accept that you will have to make compromises that your family or friends may question. Be okay with that."
  9. "Believe in your ultimate success and reaffirm it every single day."
  10. "Believe that there is enough – way more than enough – success to go around for all of us.
  11. "Don’t undercharge for your services... If you feel you can deliver the value and the ROI to your clients, then you need to be fairly compensated and they need to make an investment that they find worthy of their time. "
  12. "Educate yourself but don’t drown in learning... you have got to strike the right balance between learning and doing. You do not want to become a learning junkie that never implements. You don’t need to read every ebook out there on success factors. You need to learn the ropes, understand the landscape and then APPLY your knowledge."
  13. "Exude professionalism by setting the standards very high for how you run your blog and your website, how you communicate and act"
  14. "Fail big. Fail often. Failure is not a problem at all. Fear of failure is a waste of time."
  15. "Get very clear on your expertise, your unique offering, and why it rocks – because it has to rock and not suck please – and then proudly put a price tag on it, a process around it, and a way to collect payment. If you have any kind of inner conflict with this, you are not yet ready to take this step."
  16. "having a job actually limits your earning potential over a lifetime, not to mention that it leaves you at the mercy of someone else to decide whether you are still good enough to earn next month’s paycheck. How “secure” is that?"
  17. "If something doesn’t work, change it. If something doesn’t sell, stop selling it or learn how to re-position it. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it."
  18. "If you have something valuable and useful to offer, then you have a moral obligation to do that, both to you and to the world! Period."
  19. "Invest in yourself. Get a coach. Take courses. You don’t have time to learn it on your own."
  20. "It’s all in the act of doing...It’s in the doing that you strike the gold...It’s in the doing that you really set yourself apart from the thinkers or the idea-boasters out there...It’s In the doing that your idea will have some value – large or small – to another human being, or thousands...It’s in the doing that you walk your talk and start seeing what actually works and what doesn’t. This knowledge only comes to you in the doing. No expert, no matter what their status, can predict how a business idea will really turn out, and that’s why an idea is worthless until you DO something with it"
  21. "Learn to say no and learn this one fast... Learning to say no politely, professionally and sincerely to opportunities and invitations...will give you the momentum to give a resounding yes to everything else that is right and true for you"
  22. "make a deal with yourself on what you plan to accomplish...Then break it down into your schedule, and think of a perfect way to reward yourself every single time"
  23. "Most of all, if you have lost an ounce of passion or conviction for what you are doing, then stop, re-evaluate and create an exit strategy out of the wrong place and into your true path."
  24. "No one can give you permission to live life on your own terms but yourself."
  25. "Of course, none of this matters if you do not believe, with every ounce of your being, and every cell in your body, that you are running a business and it is going to succeed."
  26. "Put at least one idea to test if only to boost confidence about your capabilities to diversify your income."
  27. "Resist the temptation to repeat “at least” thoughts in your head and think instead “what if” thoughts."
  28. "Sometimes, a drastic decision can give you a kick-start."
  29. "Stand for something in your writing and fully express it... don’t be full of air and fluff, don’t agree with everyone for the sake of being liked or popular. And please use your best skills..."
  30. "Stay vigilantly healthy and active: Self-care does not take time from you. It gives time back and you need your health on this journey. Please don’t become a lazy entrepreneur in the name of too much work"
  31. "Position yourself right in your marketplace... From the very beginning, ask yourself who is your target market and what does your ideal customer avatar look like? Imagine them. Picture them coming to you and serve them. Position your services and your gifts in such a way that it is perfect for them. And forget about people who fall outside your marketplace. You are not God. You are not serving every moving and breathing thing. So relax and save your best for your ideal clients and customers."
  32. "Stop doing things for free and out of the kindness of your heart, because your business will be bleeding and lacking love as a result. Instead, learn to build partnerships and lasting relationships, with mutual benefit, with a win-win situation, whatever the definition may be."
  33. "The worst outcome is if you never try and if you give in to your fears, be they real or imaginary."
  34. "Value your time more than money. So don’t waste your time. Guard your time."
  35. "Writing is not easy, of course not, but who cares about easy? Easy is irrelevant. Easy is uninteresting. Easy is for losers because easy doesn’t get you far. You are a winner. "
  36. "You get BETTER at your business if you FIRST take care of your health...You think faster and more clearly when your mind is clear of junk. You sleep better and come up with better ideas when your body is happy. You have more energy and focus and concentration after you recharge and refresh..."
  37. "Don’t get upset about refunds or unsubscribes...We need to do business only with those with whom we are meant to engage and when you connect with someone well, it is a priceless experience, so focus your efforts on reaching out to your ideal clients."
  38. "Don’t waste time on the small techie stuff... the countless hours spent tweaking a stupid plugin or a website theme... Focus on what matters when it comes to your website, your product design, your plugins and widgets and bells and whistles, and make sure to only invest enough time to make what matters work, and get the right aesthetics in place without becoming borderline obsessive!"
  39. "Don’t chase your every idea...instead of chasing all your ideas as they come to you... create an Idea Locker"
  40. "Grow every day as an entrepreneur, grow with your ideas, your goals, and the pull of possibility."
  41. Farnoosh Brock is the creator of Prolific Living: Smart Habit for Rich Living which is dedicated to helping people realize their dream life style by awakening their inner confidence and empowering them to reach their freedom and full potential. You can also find her on twitter @prolificliving

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